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Challenge Center Booking

How to book your Challenge Center program
Challenge Center Programs are custom designed to meet your goals, and can accommodate groups as small as 8, and as large as 200 people. Please call for booking details at (916) 278-6321.

When you decide to book a program with us you reserve a date and we will create a contract for you. The Challenge Center is open 7 days a week, and we can start programs as early as 6:00am and as late as 9:00pm. Programs must be booked at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your program and all dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis. For our busiest months we recommend that you book two-three months in advance to secure your preferred dates.

To reserve your date, Call (916) 278-6321


What happens next
After you have booked your date and contract has been drafted, one of our experienced Team Leads will get in touch with you. Together, you will craft a goals assessment and discuss program expectations. Then, a Peak Adventures Team Lead will design your program focusing on the issues that are most important to you.

If there is something that your team is looking for, we can make it happen for you! Virtually any needs can be accommodated. In addition to your program we can provide meeting rooms for debrief, catered lunch, parking arrangements, and much more.

Team Leads
The Team Lead is the point person for the program. The Team Lead will contact you prior to the program to discuss your goals and expectations for the program. Then the Team Lead will develop a unique program geared to achieve your specific goals. During the program, the Team Lead is responsible for the safety and well being of participants, as well as timely flow of the day’s activities and staff interactions with participants. The Team Lead will also be your main contact if you have questions prior to the program.

Our Team Leads have over 500 hours of hands-on experience facilitating and leading groups through challenges and transformational activities. Their training includes technical ropes course safety management, CPR and first aid, as well as advanced facilitation, debriefing methods and group dynamics.

Meet The Challenge Center Staff

Minimum of 8 Participants
Must be age 8+ to climb at the Challenge Center.

Forms and information
Challenge Center Waiver
What to Bring
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