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Bike shop testimonials:

“I’m a frequent customer of yours, and you have worked on mine and my husband’s bikes. I found this cool bike at a thrift store … I looked it up online and discovered it is valuable. We want to fix it up for our daughter and maybe add some cool vintage looking features you may be able to suggest to us. We wanted to bring it in to you directly because I remember you telling me that you like vintage bikes. I know it is in good hands with you.”
- Crystal

"I love the bike shop run through Peak Adventures on campus. Not only are the prices fantastic, but the level of service is top notch. The people who fix the bikes are always really friendly and ready to answer any questions. The atmosphere is very welcoming and laid-back, and I like that. I can't really speak to one specific event that sums up my experience; it's more that every time I go in there, I'm glad I did. "
-Tony Caselli

"I have been a customer of Peak Adventures since 2000. I first started coming while studying Business at SacState.
As a student then, with a routine of eating, studying, and going to work, I came to find myself weighing 349 pounds. In an attempt to lessen these scary gains, I started riding my bike to school. But, because of my weight gains I found myself constantly needing to have my bike serviced, from wheels needing to be trued, flat tires, to brake and derailleur adjustment. Considering by busy schedule at that time, I thanked goodness Peak Adventures was conveniently right there in my student union. The gals and guys that have worked there, in the years that I have been going there, have always been the best, treating me always with friendly, fast trustworthy, and knowledgeable service.
Even though now I am an alumni, at 160 pounds, and still riding everywhere I go, I am still using Peak Adventures for my bicycling needs. Thanks!"
-Elizabeth Kennedy

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Phone: 916.278.6321

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Prices and Services
The Bike Shop Mechanics are amongst the friendliest and most qualified in town. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by the shop and ask. We're very friendly. :)



Complete Overhaul:
For over all piece of mind and getting your well-worn bicycle riding like new again.
Disassemble drive train parts, derailleurs, crank set, chain and cassette cleaned separately in a parts washer, overhaul all bearing systems.  Inspect and clean frame and fork, check dropout alignment, clean and true wheels, adjust brakes, adjust derailleur cables, and ride!

  Performance Tune-Up:
Gets your bicycle ready to ride and looks good too!
Adjust all cables which include your brakes and derailleur’s. We adjust all bearing systems, true your wheels, lube your chain, disassemble and clean the drive train.
  Complete Tune-Up:
Gets your bicycle tuned and lubed and ready to ride!  Our mechanics recommend getting a tune up every 6 to 8 months or every 1000 miles when riding regularly.
Our complete tune-up is just that.  We clean your frame and wipe down your components for you and adjust all cables which include your brakes and derailleur’s.  We adjust all bearing systems, true your wheels and lube your chain.  After this service your bike is completely tuned up!

In addition to our great tune-up and repair offerings, classes, and retail sales, the Peak Adventures Bike Shop has FREE SERVICES for your use.

Drop by anytime for Free Lube, Free Air, and answers to Your Questions.

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