The history of ASI Peak Adventures starts with a wonderful story about two students who used grass roots leadership to make a positive impact for the larger campus good.

In the early 1970’s, two Sacramento State students felt that the campus needed a tool co-op; a place for students to share tools in order fix their bikes conveniently and affordably. This idea quickly gained strength throughout the campus, and so they purchased a metal shed and set up a tool co-op. This was essentially the campus’ first bicycle shop.  The operation was basic, but nevertheless a success. After some time, the need for expansion forced the bike “shed” into a temporary building, not far from the University Union.  This new location began to also rent out outdoor gear and sell bikes and bike parts to the campus and surrounding community. The name Mountain Wolf Sports was adopted somewhere along the way.

Then in 1989, the program was picked up and designated a program of Associated Students Incorporated (ASI).  It was at this time that ASI hired a full time program director and the program became known as Peak Adventures. The program began running backpacking trips to Point Reyes National Seashore, various day hikes and rock-climbing classes. The bike shop soon began to be utilized by more of the students and staff of the University, and finally, this era saw the early stages of what is now the Peak Adventures Challenge Center. The Challenge Center is in its third location. Each time, it was designed and constructed by the Peak Adventures’ student and non-student staff.

Today, Peak Adventures employs eight professional staff plus over 50 student and non-student staff members to act as outdoor adventure trip leaders, ropes course facilitators, bike shop mechanics, and front desk staff who serve thousands of customers each year. While we continually strive to enhance the quality of our services and focus on goals for the future, we continue to value the ‘grass roots’ nature of our history and regard our staff as the creative force that makes Peak Adventures the wonderful place that it is.