Minimum Age Requirements
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The minimum age is 8 years old for all Challenge Center activities including standard programs, volume programs and open climb events.

Age 18
• Guide Schools
• All activity level 4 trips
• All multi-day trips 4 days or longer
(e.g. Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Guide School, Paria Canyon)

Age 16
Minimum age for most trips without a parent or legal guardian present
• All bike maintenance classes

Age 12 (with a parent or legal guardian)
• 1-3 day trips up to activity level 3
• Premiere day hikes, snow shoe hikes, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, backpacking, caving
• Rafting at high summer flows (5000 c.f.s)

Age 9 (with a parent or legal guardian)
• 1 day, activity level 1 trips only
• Day Hikes
• Rafting at average summer flows (1500-4900 c.f.s)

These ages are determined primarily by the specialty trip provider requirements plus Peak Adventure's guidelines. See graphic at top or check specific trips for age requirements.