Youth Camp Staff

Alicia Taylor

Education: Bachelor's in English at Texas A&M University.
Qualifications: Alicia has been working for Peak Adventures since the Fall of 2006. Her previous experience as a software project manager helps her assist customers as well as manage office duties and program logistics. She has years of experience as a raft guide and white water kayaker.
Top 3 outdoor hobbies: Whitewater Kayaking, Hiking, Biking.
Best outdoor experience: "Kayaking school in Chile - 12 days, 5 rivers. Tons o' fun"
Favorite thing about Peak Adventures: "The people ... it's all about the people. Great staff, great customers."



Education: Bachelor's in Recreation Administration from California State University, Sacramento.
Qualifications: Valerie has been with Peak Adventures since the beginning of 2002. She has over 1,000 hours of facilitation experience, 15 years of event planning experience, 15 years of summer camp experience, and a love for the outdoors.
Top 3 outdoor hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Playing!
Best outdoor experience: "Hiking with my dad."
What I love about Youth Camp: I love working as a youth camp counselor because I am a camp girl at heart.  I started going to camps in the 3rd grade and I think that every child should get the opportunity to experience the fun, the learning, and the self-growth that summer camps have to offer.

Meredith Budlong

Education: BS in Recreation from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Qualifications: Wilderness First Responder, Professional Climbing Wall Association certified Climbing Wall instructor.
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: Rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, backpacking.
Best Outdoor Experiences: 5 days hiking through Paria Canyon in Arizona.
What I Love About Youth Camp: "I love seeing the smiling faces, and when I do I can't help but smile myself."



Education: Associates in General Business. Currently working on my bachelors in Entrepreneurship.
Qualifications: I am currently certified in CPR/First Aid and Wilderness First Aid. I am a raft guide for ICO (Inner City Outings) which specializes in taking under privileged youth down the South Fork of the American River. I have also designed and implemented Royal Court Martial Art's first ever summer camp for children and have more than 9 years of experience working with children.
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding
Best Outdoor Experience: My best outdoor experiences are all of my rafting trips where I get to spend the night on the river. There is nothing better than spending a day on the river and then coming back to a camp site where everyone sits around the fire and shares some laughs.
Favorite Thing About Peak Adventures: My favorite thing about Peak Adventures is simply the people. You won't find a better group of individuals who will go out of their way to make sure that you're doing well and having a good time.
Favorite Thing About Youth Camp: My favorite thing about Youth Camp is watching the reaction someone has when they have accomplished something that they had no idea they could do.



Education: Currently studying Metropolitan Area Planning Geography with a minor in Recreation Administration at California State University, Sacramento.
Qualifications: Adult First Aid/CPR with AED application and Wilderness First Aid. Personal outdoors experience include several backpacking trips to Pt. Reyes National Seashore, Lassen National Park and Desolation Wilderness.
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: Hiking, Running and Backpacking
Best Outdoor Experience: Point Reyes backpacking trips with family and friends and all of the fun times that we had.
Favorite Thing About Peak Adventures: The positive experiences that everyone, from staff to participants, are able to attain.
Favorite Thing About Youth Camp: The opportunity to interact with young adults, and facilitate growth and learning in an outdoors environment.


Education: Currently an undergraduate at Sacramento State. Majoring in Child Development and minoring in Deaf Studies and Dance. 
Qualifications: I love working with kids! I am CPR, First-Aid, and AED certified. I have various experiences working as a facilitator with children and young adults. I was a part of a Youth Educator Program where I taught middle school children about the effects of drugs and alcohol. I was also involved in a Peer Mentoring Program where I was a high school tutor. While studying in Denmark last year I completed over 100 hours as a student assistant at a Danish Forest Kindergarten.
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: I love swimming, biking, and slack lining!
Best Outdoor Experience: Either hiking and kayaking in Alaska over the summers, or the Czech Trek I took while studying abroad.
Favorite Thing About Peak Adventures: I love the community that Peak has built! It is welcoming and fosters a passion for learning, as well as an appreciation for nature.
Favorite Thing About Youth Camp: Sharing my enthusiasm for the outdoors with young adults and watching them experience new things and make amazing memories.


Education: Bachelor’s in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Adventure Recreation and Tourism.
Qualifications: I completed my 15-week internship with Peak Adventures. I am currently certified in Wilderness First Aid, Adult, Child and Infant CPR and AED, and a certified level 1 Association for Challenge Course Technology challenge course practitioner with 3 years of experience working in a challenge course setting. I also have two seasons of raft guide experience.
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Cycling
Best Outdoor Experience: Getting to spend the summer working at The Summit Bechtel Reserve, High Adventure Base Boy Scout Camp as a Canopy Tour Guide and Challenge Course Facilitator in West Virginia.
Favorite Thing About Peak Adventures: My favorite things about Peak Adventures include the opportunity to connect with individuals on such a meaningful level, the variety of outdoor experiences offered, endless learning opportunities, and the friendly, supportive, work environment, constantly encouraging growth and spreading such a plethora of knowledge.
Favorite Thing About Youth Camp: The opportunity to be a part of the incredible enthusiasm and curiosity of youth learning and discovering things about themselves through their experiences in the outdoors fuels my passion to introduce individuals to the outdoors.


Education: AS in Human Sciences from San Jose City College. Currently studying Nursing at California State University, Sacramento.
Qualifications: I currently have certifications in wilderness first aid and CPR. In addition, I worked as a nanny for 8 years and have also volunteered as a counselor at a youth summer camp.
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Swimming, Repelling
Best Outdoor Experience: Repelling in Zion National Park with my dad and my sister.
Favorite Thing About Peak Adventures: The amazing people I get to work alongside, and the excitement of experiencing a new challenge every day.
Favorite Thing About Youth Camp: I absolutely love being able to teach a child about something they have never before experienced.

Education: Recreational Therapy student at Sacramento State
Qualifications: CPR/First Aid certified, Leadership Initiative Green Certificate, experience working with special needs children
Top 3 Outdoor Hobbies: swimming, hiking, kayaking
Best Outdoor Experience: A three day backpacking trip to Point Reyes.
Favorite Thing About Peak Adventures: The sense of a caring community and a unique culture that comes with it.
Favorite Thing About Youth Camp: The opportunity to bring smiles and make a lifetime of memories.

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