Youth Camp Staff

Meredith Budlong

Education/Qualifications: Masters in Recreation Administration from Sac State. Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Parks Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Why do you love the outdoors? Being able to challenge myself physically and mentally, though sometimes just relaxing is nice too!
Three Favorite Hobbies: Rock climbing, Whitewater Rafting, Backpacking

Education/Qualifications: Masters in Recreation and Leisure Services Management from Texas State University. Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.
Why do you love the outdoors? I've always felt comfortable being outside. Throughout my life it has always been there to challenge me, comfort me, and entertain me in many ways.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Backpacking, Skiing, and Cycling


Education/Qualifications: I have a Bachelor's in Recreation Administration from Sacramento State University and 15 years of Challenge Course experience. I am also a certified Level 2 ACCT Facilitator.
Why do you love the outdoors? It just smells better out there.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Karaoke, Dancing, and Staying away from social media

Education/Qualifications: I currently have a bachelor’s degree in business with a focus in entrepreneurship and I am a master of martial arts. I have two years of experience working for peak adventures as an outdoor trip leader, ropes course facilitator, raft guide, and youth camp counselor for both Adventure and Expedition camps. I have also been taking underprivileged youth white water rafting through the Sierra Club’s Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) for three seasons. I am certified in CPR, First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid
Why do you love the outdoors? I love the outdoors because it allows people to become more than they ever thought possible. It could be through climbing, rafting, hiking, whatever outdoor activity; it brings people to the realization that the world is full of opportunities and challenges that can inspire, motivate, be life changing and most importantly bring people closer together.
Three Favorite Hobbies: My three favorite hobbies are rock climbing, white water rafting, and martial arts.

Education/Qualifications: I have a BA in Liberal Studies. I am WFA, CPR, and First Aid certified and I worked at Mount Hermon Adventures for 2 years.
Why do you love the outdoors? Being outside makes me feel more alive!
Three favorite hobbies: Reading, hiking, rock climbing

Education/Qualifications: I'm working towards a degree in Kinesiology here at CSU, Sacramento while working with special needs children in a school setting. I am CPR and First Aid certified with tons of experience outdoors!
Why do you love the outdoors? In the outdoors there is always a challenge to overcome, a lesson to be learned and experience to be had. Nature can be a great teacher if given respect.
Three favorite hobbies: I like to backpack, go fishing and teach!

Education/Qualifications: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Admin. Major with a concentration in Recreation Therapy. Associates in Psychology, Sociology, Social Science, and Individual and Society from American River College. Certified in First Aid, CPR/AED, and Wilderness First Aid.
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors allows for me to get away from my day to day busy life and just relax. Each and every time I step foot into the outdoors it gives me the opportunity to experience new and exciting things.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Swimming, Reading, Hiking

Education/Qualifications: Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in (Outdoor) Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration. I am Wilderness First Aid and First Aid/CPR Certified.
Why do you love the outdoors? I love the outdoors because it empowers all! I love it because it challenges me physically and mentally in the most beautiful environments. I love coming home from a backpacking trip and feeling like I can go out and conquer the world. Also, I love that the outdoors allows people to form connections with fellow adventurers who come from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. There are no social constructs influencing someone to be one way or another.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Backpacking, Swimming, and Riding my bike!

Education/Qualifications: : Ppursuing Bachelors in Mechanical engineering, earned associates degree in Health and Wellness and Business Administration. Certified in wilderness first aid and CPR.
Why do you love the outdoors? Nature provides a fantastic environment to learn about the environment, other people, and ourselves. As guests in the outdoors we have fun, exciting, and meaningful memories that we carry with us for a lifetime.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and hiking.

Education/Qualifications: : Pursuing  a B.S in Family and Consumer Science. First Aid, CPR/AED and Lifeguard certified.  
Why do you love the outdoors? ? I love the outdoors because it makes me feel free and alive. Daily struggles and worries seem to vanish and are less important in the outdoors. I also love that the outdoors  brings people of all walks of life together. The outdoors connects us despite differences.  
Three Favorite Hobbies: Hiking, Surfing, Whitewater Rafting

Education/Qualifications: A.A. Degree in Business and Management and aiming for my Bachelor's in Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship as well as my minor in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration at CSUS. I go to National Parks nearly every year with my family and love to hike.
Why do you love the outdoors? The only place I can fully relax is by enjoying the great outdoors. I am in constant awe of the world we live in and love to see all of the different formations from the deep canyons in Grand Canyon to the Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and the magnificent arches in Arches National Park. There is always something new to explore!
Three Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, and Observing Nature

Education/Qualifications: Eagle Scout, Associate's Degree in Geography
Why do you love the outdoors? I love the outdoors because there is a simple elegance that can brighten our lives if we take the time to go for adventures in places where we can find natural beauty. Life can be hard but moments like looking up into the night sky and seeing the milky way or laying on a patch of grass and hearing a mountain stream instead of an endless parade of car engines will lift us up and give us the strength to keep pressing forward to achieve our goals and bring a smile to our face.
Three Favorite Hobbies: My 3 favorite hobbies are swimming, hiking, and archery.

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