Outdoor Adventure Course - RPTA 198

This course provides students with a unique and fun learning opportunity outside of the classroom with flexible meeting and trip dates.

Learn to plan and implement outdoor adventure trips.



  • 1 elective unit
  • 4 days of adventure
  • Adventure education
  • Personal development
  • Leadership  experience
  • Transferable skills
  • FUN!

Possible Trips: Backpacking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Hiking, Cave Exploring, Biking, & More!

All Majors Welcome! *All students, regardless of major, receive a total of 1 academic units of RPTA 198: Co-Curricular Activities. This class does not have your typical class schedule and meeting times will vary greatly depending on your schedule and what trips you decide to support.

Please Note: This class will not appear in the Sac State Class Scheduler. Registration through Peak Adventures referral only.

For course registration details please contact Meredith Zanardi:
(916) 278-6321 or mbudlong@csus.edu