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"I don't have a parking permit and I live about 45 blocks away from school so I ride my bike. One day on my ride I actually got a flat, and made it to school on time thank god but was very perplexed about how I would get home that day. I remembered Peak Adventures and when I took it in the people there were so friendly, and they went above and beyond. Not only did he change my flat tire, but he lubed the chain, and replaced the rubber strip on the rim. After that my bike rides like a dream. It is so wonderful to have a place like this on campus to turn to in an emergency like mine "
-Susan Reed

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Phone: 916.278.6321

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Bike Commuting

Here are the basics for your bike commuting wardrobe.

Sunny/ warm

  • Helmet (always a key for cycling)
    To protect that lovely head of yours; no matter rain or shine, a helmet is your most important peice of equipment. Wear one.
  • Shirt and Shorts
    Shirt - cotton tends to absorb sweat and not wick it away. A nice synthetic shirt will make your long commute a much more enjoyable one.
    Shorts - or pants. It's your call.
  • Socks and Shoes
    Socks - wool socks are always the way to go no matter the weather.
    Shoes - whichever shoes are comfortable for you to ride in. Avoid sandals, as they can get sweaty and become slippery, creating blisters.

Cold/ rainy

  • Helmet (always a key for cycling)
    A fleece helmet warmer is a great way to keep your head nice and warm. A beanie is also good if you can fit it in.
  • Jacket and pants
    Jacket - a water proof wind breaker with a hood is great for cold, as well as rainy, conditions.
    Pants - When it comes to pants. wool cycling pants are amazing for cold weather, but nylon waterproof pants are the only way to go when it comes to rain. (Cotton will absorb all the water and leave you low and wet).
  • Shoes and socks
    Socks - wool socks always!!
    Shoes - for shoes in cold weather it's up to you. Whatever will keep you feet warm. In the rain, wear those same warm shoes, but get a waterproof booty for them. That way, your feet are warm and dry.

For proper accessories and proper commuting etiquette, come to our How-To Clinics on Year Round Riding. They are held throughout the year. We will teach you how to ride when the traffic is packed and what you should always have on you when you're on your daily commute. Best of all, it's free.

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