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"Having been a bicycle commuter for going on eight years now, I have taken quite a few "maintenance classes." Usually a mechanic shows you how to remove a tire after a flat and patch a tube. Although this is helpful, it does no good for tuning up your bicycle, much less completly overhauling it. I used to rely on YouTube videos and how to guides to overhaul components of my bike, but that was not cutting it. This class was excelent, the instructors were knowledgable, and I now feel confident completly overhauling my bicycle. So many aspects of bicycle maintenance involve getting the "feel" of how tight something should be or when something is loose. This class teaches you that. Excelent class."
-Mike G

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The Winter Overhaul Special Is Back!

t's that time of year again folks, the WINTER OVERHAUL SPECIAL is back!

For only $100, have your "majestic stead" overhauled. Normally a $165 value.

We are offering this super low price on our pro-level overhaul for a limited time. We will completely disassemble your bike and restore it to nearly new. Your bike will be returned to you clean, polished, re-lubed, and ready to go! 

Friends don't let friends miss a deal like this.


Complete Overhaul Includes:

  • Clean chain, cassette and chain rings
  • Adjust, clean and lubricate derailleurs
  • Adjust, clean, and resurface brakes
  • True wheels, clean rims, hubs and spokes
  • Overhaul of all bearing systems
  • Honest diagnosis of component wear
  • Labor on all replacement components
  • 10% off all parts

Available December 1st  - February 28th





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