Office Staff

Sasha Smirnova
Title: Director

Education/Qualifications: Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education from New Mexico State University
Why do you love the outdoors? It has the ability to humble and empower you at the same time.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Rock Climbing, hanging out with my dogs, and eating pizza.

Valerie RegnerValerie
Title: Associate Director

Education/Qualifications: I have a Bachelor's in Recreation Administration from Sacramento State University and 15 years of Challenge Course experience. I am also a certified Level 2 ACCT Facilitator.
Why do you love the outdoors? It just smells better out there.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Karaoke, Dancing, and Staying away from social media


Michael Valle (Miguel)
Title: Outdoor Adventures Manager

Education/Qualifications: The Ohio State University- Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience, Bachelors of Science in Education-Exercise Science, Masters in Management of Information Systems (Fall 2019), Wilderness First Responder, 6 years of Outdoor Education Experience, Registered Behavioral Technician
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors brings out the best in people and helps people connect in a deep and meaningful way. Its a chance to reset, to relax, and to feel empowered.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Climbing, Guitar, Motorcycle Adventures


Rad Beauton
Title: Bike Shop Manager

Education/Qualifications: 10+ years of bike shop experience, UBI certified Mechanic, and LCI certified instructor
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors lets me get away from it all. Nothing lets me decompress as much as night under the stars in my favorite sleeping bag.
Three Favorite Hobbies: BIKES!! (cyclocross, mountain biking, bike packing, touring, and daily commuting), music, and board games.

Tori WeberValerie
Title: Sales and Outreach Specialist
Education/Qualifications: Graduated with honors with a BA in History and a minor in Anthropology. 4 years experience working with California State Parks and Recreation.
Why do you love the outdoors? I love the outdoors because it makes me feel alive! Being in nature allows me to step back and see the big picture - that we're here to enjoy life and spent time with loved ones.
Three Favorite Hobbies: I love spontaneous roadtrips/traveling, hiking, and yoga with my dogs!


Tanner landon
Title: Marketing Specialist
Education/Qualifications: B.A. in Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Media from Sacramento State University..
Why do you love the outdoors? It's where I get the most out of life. It's where I feel the most alive and connected, both to people and to nature.
Three Favorite Hobbies: rock climbing, photography, and snowboarding


John Gratton
Title: Challenge Center Program Assistant
Education/Qualifications: BS in Kinesiology and I am CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified.
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors provides tons of opportunities for new experiences. Experiences like meeting interesting people, seeing new sites and challenging myself both physically and mentally. Also the sunsets, those are pretty sweet too.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Doing pull ups on rocks, sliding on the snow with sticks and cruising on my bike.

Alexis O'Donnell
Title: Sales Assistant
Education/Qualifications: Currently a student here at Sac State majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations as well as a minor in Marketing! #stingersup
Why do you love the outdoors? There is always something new to see!
Three Favorite Hobbies: Petting dogs, taking pictures of the food I eat, and thrifting my paycheck away!


Angel Phong
Title: Customer Service Associate
Education/Qualifications: I have worked in customer service since I have been tall enough to see over the counter! I strive to make every experience a memorable one for customers. Helping others brings me great joy and satisfaction. Currently I am studying accounting and marketing so that I can continue my passion of working with people.
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors is where I feel I thrive. Whether I am soaking up the sun rays or splashing in rain puddles, I am at my best. Nothing can get me down if I am outside. My most memorable camping moment was when a small deer came into my camp and stole my bag of pickles. It was such a magical moment that I couldn't even be mad.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Watching movies (80's action flicks are my favorite), building sandcastles (I won an international sandcastle competition in high school), and crafts (I recently got into candle making with the hope of selling them on Etsy).


Mia Summer Perez
Title: Customer Service Associate
Education/Qualifications: Pursuing a B.S. in Biology emphasis in Ecology, Conservation, and Evolution
Why do you love the outdoors? There is a lot to learn from nature, I love the simplicity and elegance.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Running, backpacking, and trying new coffee shops



Outdoor Trips Staff

Michael MuÑiz Jr. Valerie
Title: Front Desk Assistant / Outdoor Trip Leader/ Challenge Center Apprentice
Education/Qualifications: I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Administration and hold a Wilderness First Responder certification.
Why do you love the outdoors? I am passionate about outdoor recreation because it empowers everyone to mentally and physically challenge themselves. Plus, people can use the outdoors to form connections with fellow adventurers who come from different backgrounds and cultures; social constructs cease to exist out there.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Backpacking, Swimming, and Volunteering!




Kyle Murphy
Title: Outdoor Trip Leader
Education/Qualifications: 200 Hour’s Yoga Instructors Training, Wilderness First Responder, CPR, LNT Trainer, AIARE 1, Studying Wilderness Education at Lake Tahoe Community College
Why do you love the outdoors? I The wilderness highlights our true nature by forcing us to overcome difficult circumstances, and thereby bringing us closer to our higher selves. My love of the wilderness derives from a deep desire within myself, to live everyday by those values which infuse love, excitement, wisdom and knowledge into my life.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, and White Water Rafting



Challenge Center Staff

Bike Shop Staff