Challenge Center Staff

Valerie RegnerValerie
Title: Associate Director
Title: Challenge Center Manager, Team Lead, Facilitator
Education/Qualifications: I have a Bachelor's in Recreation Administration from Sacramento State University and 15 years of Challenge Course experience. I am also a certified Level 2 ACCT Facilitator.
Why do you love the outdoors? It just smells better out there.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Karaoke, Dancing, and Staying away from social media



Ross GarnerValerie
Title: Challenge Center Team Lead
Education/Qualifications: I currently have a bachelor’s degree in business with a focus in entrepreneurship and I am a master of martial arts. I have two years of experience working for peak adventures as an outdoor trip leader, ropes course facilitator, raft guide, and youth camp counselor for both Adventure and Expedition camps. I have also been taking underprivileged youth white water rafting through the Sierra Club’s Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) for three seasons. I am certified in CPR, First Aid, and Wilderness First Aid
Why do you love the outdoors? I love the outdoors because it allows people to become more than they ever thought possible. It could be through climbing, rafting, hiking, whatever outdoor activity; it brings people to the realization that the world is full of opportunities and challenges that can inspire, motivate, be life changing and most importantly bring people closer together.
Three Favorite Hobbies: My three favorite hobbies are rock climbing, white water rafting, and martial arts.


Title: Challenge Center Team Lead
Education: AA in Fashion Design, BA Family and Consumer Sciences, Minor in Recreation and Leisure Studies, Credentials in Home Economics and Health Science
Qualifications: Wilderness First Aid, Infant, Child, Adult CPR/First Aid, AED, Class B Permit. Wendi has been part of Peak Adventures since 2002. She has worked with many different groups on the Peak Adventure Challenge Center along with being contracted to work atother courses in the area. She has taught over 7 years in the public school system including junior high and high school students. Wendi’s has over 15 years of youth camp leadership and training for both elementary and teenagers. Taught aspiring young artist for 3 years and currently has her own women & children accessories design business creating beautiful one of a kind fabric creations.
Favorite thing about Peak Adventures: Being part of Peak Adventures has provided so much growth in my professional and personal life. Each day on the Challenge Center I have the opportunity to mentor, share and learn with both my fellow “Peakies” and clients.  I LOVE TO GO TO WORK!!! Without ASI’s support for Peak Adventures this would never have happened. 


Antony Demidenko
Title: Challenge Center Team Lead
Education/Qualifications: Currently studying Recreational Therapy in the RPTA department at Sac State. CPR, AED, First Aid certified.
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors provides me with an outlet to be creative and free from the classroom setting where I can enjoy recreational activities and be myself with some good people. There is something about carrying gear on your back to a place where you have never been and spend the night with the wilderness breathing in fresh air.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Backpacking, soccer, and hammocking


John Gratton
Titltle: Challenge Center Team Lead
Education/Qualifications: I am pursuing a BS in Kinesiology and I am CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified.
Why do you love the outdoors? The outdoors provides tons of opportunities for new experiences. Experiences like meeting interesting people, seeing new sites and challenging myself both physically and mentally. Also the sunsets, those are pretty sweet too.
Three Favorite Hobbies: Doing pull ups on rocks, sliding on the snow with sticks and cruising on my bike.

Alicia Munoz
Title: Challenge Center Facilitator
I am a transfer student from Southern California and I am currently attending CSUS and working towards a Bachelors of Science Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology. I am certified in CPR/AED and First aid.
Why do you love the outdoors? I love being able step back from the stress of  day to day life and just to relax and have fun and enjoy the beautiful world. Overtime, my appreciation and respect for nature has matured greatly. I love listening to rain during an incredible thunderstorm and watching snowflakes descend past the leafless trees while skiing. Each year I participate in more outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing, white water rafting, and camping and in their own way give me a positive outlook on everything nature/outdoors has to offer.
Three Favorite Hobbies:
Hiking/Camping, Skiing, and playing soccer.